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A Kitten Tale by Eric Rohmann
A Kitten Tale
Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-51770-915-3, hardcover
A Kitten Tale
by Eric Rohmann

Once there were four kittens who had never seen snow. The first three kittens are wary—snow is cold, it’s wet, it covers everything. As the seasons pass and winter begins to loom, the three skittish kittens worry. But the fourth kitten is getting excited. Snow will cover everything! “I can’t wait!”

illustration from A Kitten Tale. Copyright Eric Rohmann

illustration from A Kitten Tale. Copyright Eric Rohmann
From Eric:

“Here are a few subjects that I return to again and again in my books:

the moon
returning home

I remember myself as a timid boy—not just shy but wary.  But I also remember that if I went somewhere new or tried something I’d not tried before I usually ended up happy about having had the adventure. Kittens, like me the boy, are cautious and so that’s why kittens and not armadillos. I knew with the main characters being cats and the use of the four seasons I would look to Japanese woodcuts for inspiration.

I wanted to keep the story small and simple and do what picture books do best. That is, take a small moment, tell it clearly, tell it well and never forget that the child reading the book will help to finish the book, bringing her own experience and emotion.”

Reviews Awards
Publishers Weekly
* starred review *
“While this title has broad appeal, it is an especially apt choice for children who approach the unknown with fear rather than pleasure.”

Kirkus Reviews
* starred review *
“A winner for a winter storytime, this is as amusing as watching real kittens romp.”

School Library Journal
* starred review *
“This playful look at living life to the fullest is a natural for young children.”

Parents' Choice Recommended

National ParentinPublications Awards (NAPPA) Gold Award

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