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Bless This Mouse, Cover illustration from The Cinder-eyed Cats. Copyright Eric Rohmann
Bless This Mouse
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-54739-009-3
hardcover chapter book, 160 pages

Bless This Mouse

by Lois Lowry
illustrated by Eric Rohmann

A church mouse is no ordinary mouse, and Hildegarde—the Mouse Mistress of Saint Bartholemew’s—is no ordinary mouse leader. It falls to her to keep all the church mice safe and out of sight.

But when a few parishioners report mouse sightings, Hildegarde and the rest of the church mice must face a most dreadful consequence: the Great X. To complicate things, a ceremony called the Blessing of the Animals is fast approaching. Saint Bartholemew’s will soon be filled with pets … including cats! 

Oh, dear. Within the stately stone walls of the church, life is not as serene or safe as one might think. It will take the courage and patience of a—well, of a saint—to keep this scampering, squeaking tribe of Hildegarde’s intact.

From Eric: 

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Meet the mice of St. Bartholomew’s


Publishers Weekly
An impeccably constructed, good-humored adventure filled with master plans, near disasters, and brave rescues, all gently frightening for readers even younger than the target audience. Lowry creates a cozy church environment of lenient sextons, disheveled organists, and skittish Altar Guild ladies, from a mouse's point-of-view. Fun and lighthearted.

Lowry gilds her story with quaint details, extended in Rohmann’s charming spot and full-page illustrations, which reinforce the comedy and action and further develop the memorable characters. With touches of surprise and a satisfyingly predictable resolution, this is a strong choice for both classroom sharing and independent reading.

This gently Christian piece with Rohmann’s earnest pencil illustrations will please talking-animal fans.

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